Our Indoor Kennels

Our kennels are cleaned daily. We feel this is important both inside and out.  Our kennel system is arranged to accommodate various breed sizes, in multiple rooms, so every one is safe, relaxed and comfortable.

dual kennel
kennel rear door
kennell feed room
quad kennel area
tripple kennel

Our Outdoor Play Yards / Runs

Our Dog Runs and Play Area's are supervised and clean. If your dog does happen to land in something, we will clean and bath the dog. Fecies is picked up as soon as it is noticed and all area's are kept clean and dry.

outdoor dog run
outdoor kennel play time
large dog run outside

Indoor Play Area's

We also have various play area's located inside. I will often bring smaller breed dogs that get along into our own living space for an evening visit and play time.

indoor dog play area

Next Steps for Returning and/or New Guests

We do require first time guests to have a visit to our facility prior to the booking date. This is a time for you, me, and your dog to feels things out.  We may require you book your dog in for one full day, prior to the actual booking period to see how your dog fairs being left. If all goes well on the visit, then we can finalize the booking details and pricing, as well as any other special requests you may have.

If you're a returning guest, you obviously won't need the pre-booking visit, unless you have a new pet, but you'll still need to complete a new form for your next stay. This is so we have up to date info that is current to your dogs present status and to ensure nothing is over looked.