Caring for German Shepherds – Grooming

Owning a German Shepherd dog can be a wonderful experience. However, owners of these dogs need to provide their dog with plenty of grooming.

German Shepherds tend to be quite active, and they do a lot of shedding.

These suggestions can keep your dog’s fur looking great!

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Brush Your Dog’s Fur Daily

German Shepherds have what is known as a double-coat. Because they have so much fur, you’ll need to brush your dog regularly to avoid shedding, matting, and other issues. Use a quality brush on your dog’s fur every day.

Use A Grooming Toll or shedding Blade

Before you brush your dog’s fur, you may want to go over their body with a good grooming tool.

These combs are designed to minimize the amount of shedding your dog experiences. If you want your dog to lose less fur, a comb like this is a smart bet.

Don’t Bathe Your Dog Too Much

People often bathe on a daily basis. However, German Shepherd dogs don’t have to bathe this often! Their fur contains large amounts of natural oils. If you only bathe your dog every once in a while, you’ll be able to maintain those natural oils.

How often should you bathe your dog? Ideally, you should only give your pet a bath once every 4 to 5 months. With that said, if your dog’s fur is soiled, you will want to give them an extra bath.

Schedule Your Bathing And Brushing Sessions

Since your dog only needs to be bathed every once in a while, you may want to schedule special bathing sessions. You may also want to take your dog to a groomer at certain times of the year.

German Shepherd dogs change their coat twice a year. The first time is in the spring, and the second time is during the fall. During both times, your pet will lose large amounts of fur.

Care For Your Dog’s Nails

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In addition to brushing your dog’s fur, you’ll need to take care of their nails. You should trim your pet’s nails from time to time. However, you should show some caution when you trim them; never cut a dog’s nails too short!

Caring for your dog’s fur is easier than you might think.

There are a lot of things that owners of a German Shepherd dog can do to keep their dog looking great.

Try out these tips, and your dog will look great year round!