Our Approach

Working from our private country home located in Odessa, just outside Kingston Ontario, I've been helping dog owners for over 20 years enjoy time away, knowing their fur-baby is safe, clean, and well taken care of.

Our Story

Some of my guests have been returning for many years as well even into the second and third generations. I look forward to seeing returning guests and I think the feeling is mutual. My old friends are always excited to see me as they come running up to the house, knowing what's in store at Country Estate Boarding Kennels, under my loving care and supervision.

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Christina Cobey


Hi. I'm Christina Cobey. My friends call me Chris. I'm passionate about dogs and all animals really. I especially know dogs though. You could say, around here, I'm the pack leader. I'm experienced in obedience training, nutrition and health, and have been caring for my own pets as well as my clients, for the past 30 years.

I look forward to meeting you and your fur-baby soon...

guiny pigs

Children accompanied by a parent dropping off or picking up their fur baby enjoy saying hi to the resident guinea pigs, Truffles and Cinnamon and giving them a treat.


My boys, Chance and Diesel.

This is why, by lunch time, I smell real good for all the dogs.


I'm always grateful for a helping hand.


Always on the lookout for visitors.

Next Steps...

Please take a few minutes and browse our website. The FAQ page will answer a lot of questions you may have and the Facility Page includes lots of photo's of the kennels and play area's. Keep in mind, the purpose of our website is to provide a tool to save us time so we can focus on caring for our guests during the day, and you time, because all your answers are in one place and maybe some you hadn't though of.